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Institute of NanoEngineering and MicroSystems
2018 Japan-Taiwan Joint Workshop on CMOS and MEMS

    To enhance the communication and collaboration between Japanese MEMS society and iNEMS, NTHU, iNEMS has invited Japanese delegation, which consists of 16 faculty members, 8 industrial members, and 8 graduate students to visit iNEMS. The academic delegates are from the Toyohashi University of Technology, the University of Tokyo, the Okayama Prefectural University, the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the Nagoya University, and the Kyushu University while the industrial delegates are from USHIO Inc., NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories, NTT, Toray Research Center, Tokyo Electron Limited, and Goertek Technology Japan. We have organized a workshop in the morning of May 31st for young researchers from both sides to present their current research activities as shown in the photos. Prof. Weileun was hosting the workshop and also providing an overall briefing on MEMS ecosystems in Taiwan. In the afternoon, we arranged four technical tours, including APM, ITRC, CIC/NDL, and TDK InvenSense, for the Japanese delegation. We highly look forward to a regular basis of Taiwan-Japan joint activity in the future.




Visit ITRC


Visit ITRC


Visit TDK – InvenSense.

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