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Institute of NanoEngineering and MicroSystems
The iNEMS NTHU implements “AI” in its seminar series, for the first time in Taiwan!

2018/06/21 Tech Orange 科技橘報 報導

The iNEMS NTHU promotes an AI assisted learning system to benefit students with extensive learning circumstances and experience to enable a better communication with the speakers/instructors.

The Institute of NanoEngineering and MicroSystems (iNEMS) in NTHU has been devoted to internationalization since established. To achieve this goal, the iNEMS has reached overseas, including India, Vietnam, and Iran, consecutively in the past 8 years, to recruit international students while so far around 30% of students are from other countries. To meet the academic requirements of the international students, the iNEMS has offered greater 90% of English courses among its curriculum and, of course, seminar is one of them. In the iNEMS seminar held this semester, we invited professionals (academic and industrial) from related MEMS/NEMS fields to deliver technical presentations, share their research and experience with our students. The seminar host faculty, Dr. J. Andrew Yeh, launched the AI assisted system to improve the interaction between speakers and students to replace the conventional one-way approach. The technical support of the AI system was provided by the Instrument Technology Research Center (ITRC) from NARLabs. In addition to benefit students, this new system also can help the speakers aware of how students learn and thus raise their interests and attention.


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